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Countertop Color Selection With MEGA Swatches


Granite Countertop MEGA Swatches are the innovative creation that makes selection of granite countertops or marble vanities much easier. MEGA Swatches are large photo reproductions of the most popular granite countertop colors that are inexpensive to buy, and make it much easier to select the right color of granite for your kitchen countertops.

These large vinyl swatches are sized up to 24" X 37" and are photo copies of real granite. 


Home owners struggle when trying to decide on color for kitchen countertops, cabinet finishes and floor colors. MEGA Swatch big granite samples, huge hardwood flooring swatches and cabinet color large samples are now available to make selection of granite countertops, flooring and cabinets much easier.

MEGA Swatch has mastered the photographic technology and provides you brilliant swatches large enough to cover your countertop from front to back and provide you and exact reproduction of more then 30 different granite colors.  These swatches are light weight and easily mailed to your home for very little cost. MEGA Swatches give you not only the color but the quality is so good, you even get a feel for the depth in many of the colors. I have found no other product that has better photographic accuracy of granite countertops.

MEGA Swatch offers large samples of granite, marble, hardwood flooring and cabinet colors for the budget minded consumer and the interior designer. MEGA Swatches are affordable to the average home owner, starting at only a few dollars per swatch and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You can get more information about MEGA Swathes at  with any questions or comments.

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