Concrete Kitchen Countertops



Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Concrete Kitchen Countertops Grow In Popularity

Concrete Countertops for your kitchen may be something you have never considered, but the beauty and unique designs can separate your kitchen from all your friends.  

concrete countertops atlanta concrete countertops atlanta

Today's concrete countertops do not look like the sidewalk in front of you home.  Designers and fabricators like Turning Stone Design have endless design ideas to make your concrete kitchen counters the centerpiece of your home. If you have a vision, they can create it for you in concrete.  Concrete can be colored to about any color, polished, molded to any shape and have beautiful objects like precious stones or sea shells inlayed into the design.

Concrete countertops are very durable, are as easy to clean as other common countertop materials, and run about $100 per square foot to fabricate and install by a professional.  Special textures or special inlays can add to the cost.

The best advantage of using concrete as your countertop is design.  You can cast it into any shape.  Round the corners, mold slopes to the sink so spills or wet dishes drain into the sink, not onto the floor or add textures to the surface. Inlay stones, sea shells, and color the countertop to any color.  The sky is the limit and your are the sculptor, with a little help from the pro's.

Like granite countertops, concrete needs to be cleaned properly and sealed every few years to prevent stains from penetrating the surface, but that is an easy thing to do by just about any home owner. 

It is not recommended to set hot pans directly on concrete counters, but it is just as heat resistant as marble or quartz.  It is also not recommended to use as a cutting board as some scratching could occur.

Concrete Countertops Made Simple


Concrete countertops are also not out of the question for do-it-yourselfers. " Concrete Countertops Made Simple" Book & DVD Guide by Fu-Tung Cheng shows you how to fabricate your own concrete countertops using materials available from your local hardware store, Lowes or Home Depot.



Fu-Tung Cheng has over 30 years experience in concrete design and heads the Berkeley, California firms of Cheng Design and Cheng Design Products. His work in residential architecture and kitchen design has won him numerous awards and recognition for innovation and creativity. Cheng is also the author of "Concrete Countertops" and "Concrete at Home", available at Amazon.


If you are lucky enough to live near Atlanta Tuning Stone Design located at 1014 Sampler Way, Atlanta, GA 30344 can give you all the information you need about concrete countertops.  Contact them at 678-920-8094.  If not, the Concrete Exchange at 800.877.6052 can help you find a contractor near you.



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