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According to a National Kitchen & Bath Association survey of kitchen designers,  induction cooktops are one of the most wanted features in today's kitchen.  Today's kitchens are getting very electronically sophisticated.  You can truly get "wired into" your kitchen with great new high tech appliances with really useful technology. We plan to look at many of the features and the first is induction cooktop.

GE Profile A Top Induction Cooktop

An induction cooking element looks like a regular glass top range and the cooking elements use a coil of copper wire underneath the cooking pot. An alternating electric current flows through the coil, which produces an oscillating magnetic field. This field induces an electric current in the pot. Current flowing in the metal pot produces resistive heating which heats the food. While the current is large, it is produced by a low voltage.

Because heat transfers directly, induction cooktops are nearly twice as energy efficient as gas, smoothtop or electric coil cooktops, meaning they heat up in far less time. They're also safer. If a child accidentally moves a pan, the pan heat immediately decreases, and the elements themselves stay much cooler than a traditional electric or gas burner.


Induction cooking only works with Ferrous metal pots and pans like cast iron or stainless steel.  It does not work work with glass or aluminum cookware directly.  A simple solution is a steel disk between the element and the non -ferrous cooking dish.  The other down side is the cost which starts at about $1200.

Consumer Search reports good findings on the two most popular household brands in America.  Below are two models the gave positive ratings.  If you are interested in a new Induction Cooktop, these are probably a good place to start.

GE Profile A Top Induction Cooktop

According to there testing, the GE Profile PHP900DMBB  (*Est. $1,480) earns outstanding marks for its performance on both high- and low-heat settings with the best overall results.  This 30-inch induction cooktop is made of black ceramic glass and is available with or without a stainless-steel frame.

Kenmore Cooktop

The Kenmore 43800 (*Est. $1,520) was nearly as good, with overall scores nearly as high as the GE Profile's. This 30-inch induction cooktop is made of black ceramic glass with a stainless-steel frame and electronic touch controls. It has four heating elements the burners automatically senses the presence of magnetic cookware and adjusts its size accordingly.


Come back soon to read about the new Turbo Ovens for 2014 that can cook in half the time of a conventional oven.  

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