Kitchen Trends 2014



Kitchen Trends 2014 - Fads? Maybe.

2014 National Kitchen And Bath Association (NKBA) Survey :)

2014 National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) survey of kitchen designers tries to predict the future. These trends are from designers and reflect what they would like to sell you for your kitchen and bath this year.  Let's look at a few of the high points and see if we agree.

Kitchen Design by Northeast Georgia Cabinets

Kitchens designs, according to the survey, are trending more toward ultra contemporary looks, and country and traditional styles are out.

Designers love to take a trip to Japan or Germany, look at something different than they normally see in the US and try to push it as a trend here in America.  They love the stainless steel and laminated wood cabinets and think it looks so clean.  Well, it is a clean look because Europeans and Japanese spend little time in the kitchen compared to Americans.  If you have seen one of those kitchens, you notice they have little to do with the enjoyment of cooking.  The American family "lives" in the kitchen.  Even young adults who eat out a lot, usually have enough food on hand to last the weekend.  They don't shop for bread and vegetables daily. Clutter in the American kitchen is a necessity because the kitchen is used. Europeans don't usually have closets either but I am sure no designer will try to take away any American woman's walk-in closet. I think apartments for rent will have this ultra contemporary (aka tiny) kitchens because they are cheap to build.  I think ultra contemporary is a fad and Americans will continue to like wood cabinets, stone countertops, lots of storage and functional work areas.

For countertops , my prediction is not a lot different from the survey.  They predict increase in quartz countertops for 2014.  Quartz may see an increase but it will be because "Green Building Materials" will be another fad that is going away and the economy is so bad quartz is the best option.  People want stone countertops but they "settle" for what they can afford or something that will take a beating from kids.  What is quartz but crushed granite.  Glass and stone mosaic back splashes is another trend I think they are right about.  Easy to install, great looks, and distinction make glass and tile mosaics a hit.  It also keeps the kitchen from looking so plain, adding more, not less PIZZAZZ.   In the bathroom, real marble will be the new trend.

farm sinkSink materials, the survey says, will continue to be stainless steel and therefore the ugly "stainless/burshed nickel" faucets will be continue to be popular.  That is also because of the misconception that stainless steel is easy to keep clean.  If you have had one after an old fashion porcelain sink you will find out stainless is much harder to keep clean and very noisy.  I have no idea why anyone would want a stainless sink in a beautiful kitchen.  They are so cheaply made that most countertop fabricators will give you a "very stainable" stainless sink for free.  Consequently, you will pay more to the designers for brushed nickel faucets than other finishes.

For kitchen floors, the trends will be away from stone and real wood replaced by synthetic wood products, again for ease of maintenance and because they can afford it.  Installation compared to stone tile is much less for the home upgrade or spec home.  Glass and other mosaic type back splashes will charge into the kitchens because it looks great, is easy to install and very affordable. 

Other kitchen trends will be smarter kitchens wired for computer systems, flush mounted wide screen TV's, charging stations.  These types of high tech items will be the concerns of home owners instead of energy saving appliances or water saving faucets.  Not to worry, the government will mandate that any appliance you can buy will be as stingy as currently possible so you can power another wide screen in the kitchen.  I am sure the government will soon be able to monitor your water use and will regulate when you can take a bath.

marble vanities countertops

The few other areas I do agree with is for bathrooms.  Trending bathroom flooring will be porcelain or ceramic tile with under-mount sinks and open shelving.  I disagree that quartz will be the trending countertop.  Real marble will be the trend, granite will be a little less popular than last year and synthetic marble will remain ahead quartz.


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