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Zodiaq Countertops From Dupont

Zodiaq quartz countertops

Zodiaq is an advanced composite material made of 93% quartz, a DuPont proprietary binding polymer and pigments developed for one purpose: to create a new material with its own depth and character and a unique aesthetic, suggesting a sense of enlightened luxury and an attitude of bold sophistication. With a cool, fresh, sparkling look, Zodiaq catches and reflects light, capturing the radiance of quartz crystal. Zodiaq also has unusual clarity and consistency of colour, qualities that offer great potential for use in both horizontal and vertical applications. Zodiaq is the original quartz surface material made by DuPont. 

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Why Quartz ?


Quartz crystal makes dazzling jewellery, yet has the energy and precision to power the most accurate timepieces. Quartz is extremely hard, with unusual depth, clarity and radiance. More reasons why DuPont selected quartz as the core ingredient for Zodiaq.  Quartz is one of the most varied minerals, occurring in different types, colors and forms, each with its own unique appearance. It is found in the ground, in sand, in rocks - in nearly every geological environment around the world. It is a crystal with many facets in its original form, giving it a radiance similar to that of diamonds. It provides rich aesthetics coupled with extraordinary strength and durability.  


Zodiac Key Properties

Zodiaq stands out for its superior strength and durability. Because it is made of quartz, Zodiaq has exceptional toughness and a rating of 7 out of 10 on the Mohs' hardness scale. This makes Zodiaq extremely resistant to scratches, chips, cracks or dulling. Zodiaq can be cut and installed to meet design requirements with precision, uniformity and consistency. Colours and patterns run all the way through the material and cannot wear off. Zodiaq is dense and stain resistant, with no sealing required. This capability helps ensure accuracy in ordering, while reducing waste and inventory. It survives the impact, nicks and cuts that can occur with daily wear and tear. Zodiaq complies with existing class 1 standards for flame resistance and fire safety.

Zodiaq surfaces are hygienic because the material is non-porous; bacteria and mould have nowhere to hide. Inert, non-toxic, chemically non-reactive, the hygienic properties of Zodiaq are certified by an independent laboratory using an Internationally recognized standard method (DIN EN ISO 846).

Workable like stone
Zodiaq quartz surfaces can be fit and cut, utilizing the same tools used when working with any marble or stone, to meet exacting requirements with precision, uniformity and consistency. Zodiaq can be machined, sandblasted and inlaid. Also, a wide variety of edge treatments are attainable.

Zodiaq offers consistency of structure and aesthetics, ensuring a coherent appearance throughout an installation. In addition, proprietary pigment-polymer technology from DuPont helps ensure uniformity of colors



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